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Members benefits include:

  • The FIRE Newsletter
  • All public FIRE services
  • Drumming circles
  • The FIRE Blog and Tutorials
  • Moon Lodges
  • Discounts on all online classes and workshops
  • Discounts on all physical workshops and classes
  • Exclusive invites to special FIRE events
  • Discounts on Clergy Services


Why become a monthly member of F.I.R.E.?

By becoming a F.I.R.E. Member you stay connected with F.I.R.E.’s events, educational resources, and programs. Membership is a way for you to directly:

  • Receive the latest updates on F.I.R.E.’s work and upcoming events through email updates and a members-only quarterly newsletter
  • Connect with like-minded people, coming together with a common intention to honor Divinity in Nature and establish a strong community
  • Exchange information with The Elder Council of F.I.R.E. to help guide our programs and events. Your connection with F.I.R.E. will help us develop programs and services to better serve you as well as our entire community.

As we grow and develop additional programs, events, and resources for our members will be created, with the direct input of members as to what will benefit you and your spiritual journey.

Our membership program is just starting, and we hope you will be part of guiding its development!

Who can become a member of F.I.R.E.?

Just like the Pagan and Earth Based Spiritual and Religious community, F.I.R.E.’s membership is diverse.

Membership is open to those who practice one or more forms of Paganism or a related path of Earth Based Spirituality including Wiccans, Druids, Polytheists, Heathens, Unitarian Universalists, Witches, Humanists, Shamanic practitioners and those who use many other names.

Diverse is how we like it. F.I.R.E.’s membership program is not exclusive, and we welcome those who are also part of other organizations, traditions, covens, groves, kindreds, circles, fellowships, as well as solitary practitioners.

While the specifics of individual beliefs and practices may differ, members agree to a set of basic tenets including:

  • A deep reverence and respect for Nature.
  • A code of ethics that promotes and values well-being and harmonious relationships.
  • Respect for the sacredness and essential human dignity of all persons, as stated in our Inclusiveness Policy.
  • A belief and resonance of the mission of F.I.R.E.

About F.I.R.E.’s Volunteer Contributor Option

Financial limitations should not prevent you from supporting and organization that resonates with your beliefs.

At F.I.R.E. we understand that not everyone is blessed with financial prosperity. We also recognize that you have been blessed with other abilities; skills and talents you can use to support F.I.R.E. as we work together to grow this organization and serve the community.

We want you to know that your contribution of time is just as valuable as monetary contributions.

We have created a volunteer system that will allow you to physically give your time as you earn the benefits offered to those who support F.I.R.E. financially. Your volunteer hours will help FIRE grow and thrive as you work with us to serve the community.

This alternative program has limited slots available. As we grow the need for more volunteers will grow, increasing the number of volunteer contributor slots available. At this time those who wish to participate in teh Volunteer Contribution program must complete a Scholarship Application. Each month we will select individual and families to fulfill their volunteer contribution requirements and earn their desired membership status with F.I.R.E.

All volunteer contributor hours MUST be complete in order to receive membership level benefits. Membership level benefits will be valid for a 30-day period only. All benefits of the desires/earned membership level must be redeemed before this 30-day period ends.

Please note: this program is currently available only to individuals who can serve at our physical location during the many events and services we offer. At this time, we cannot offer a remote or online version of this program.

If you are interested, please contact us immediately to secure your spot as a Volunteer Contributor.

Learn more here:  Membership Levels Volunteer Option Requirements and apply for a scholarship.


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